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Ben Brasier – NMLS #795108


National Reverse Mortgage Account Executive

(714) 421-2069

Training, Support & Tools you Need to Broker Reverse Mortgages

We Make Offering Reverse Mortgages Easy on our Partners. (FHA, Homesafe Jumbo and EquityAvail)

When you become a partner, your team of reverse experts will help all the way through funding.

Step by Step Process

  1. Proposal/Reverse Numbers
  2. Counseling
  3. Disclosures/Application
  4. FHA Case Numbers
  5. Services Ordered
  6. Submit to Underwriting


To help build their businesses
Nation’s #1 Reverse Wholesale Lender for 10 Years (FHA and Jumbo)
    1. We make doing Reverse Mortgages EASY on you!
    2. ALL reverse programs with rates/pricing: Premiums* between 4 to 19 pts
    3. Great Turn Times for approvals (Refinance and Purchase)
    4. Submit New HECM’s without an appraisal – Clear the condition later
Proprietary HomeSafe** Jumbo Reverse – LOC Available
    1. Values of $850K+ & Non-FHA Condos $500K+
    2. NO MIP  (Max $4 Mil loan amt)
    3. Adjustable Rate LIBOR with Line of Credit
    4. Fixed Rate options with LENDER Paid Credits
    5. NO COST LOAN Options (See matrix)
    6. More Non- FHA equity based programs coming soon
Proprietary Equity Avail – Hybrid retirement mortgage - Fixed
    1. Values of $100k to $7.5Mil
    2. Much higher LTV than HECM or HomeSafe
    3. No MIP
    4. Monthly payments are less than interest-only for 10 years, then the payment drops off, no more mortgage payments
No Experience Needed, No Additional Overhead
    1. Brokers, Principal Agents and Closed Loan Sellers
    2. Awesome Support, Training, Marketing and more
    3. We will help you structure, price, disclose and more, We Make It EASY…
    4. In-House Processing if needed (average 30 days to close) – FREE for all Jumbo Reverse loans
Reasons to Offer Reverse Mortgages – Tap into a broader client base.
    1. 11,000 turning age 62 a day, Growing Market!
    2. Aging Client Data Base, You are currently getting reverse leads and you don’t know it
    3. You did their purchase, their refinance and now its time for a reverse
    4. Feel good program, Helping Seniors and it pays (Great Lender Paid Premiums*)

Marketing designed for Broker success!


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Reverse Mortgage – a valuable retirement tool

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Are you making the most out of your lead list?

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